Life Coaching & NLP Sessions

It has been shown that Individuals, groups, and business's who utilise Life Coaching & NLP have been able to identify & resolve issues better, overcome obstacles, gain confidence, focus and direction and develop clarity, action and more rapidly progress towards their goals. I can help you find within you the strength to "BE THE HERO OF YOUR OWN JOURNEY"

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I Am Healthy

The Transformational Coaching Program for Weight Loss & Well-being. The Program utilises the latest Evidence Based Scientific Research on Habits Based Interventions which shows that, not only is weight lost, it is maintained long term.

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Mindfulness Training

Research shows that people who are more Mindful are able to manage their emotions & pressures more effectively and report less stress, anxiety or depression and are happier, have increased vitality and feel a greater sense of life satisfaction. Shouldn't you get more MINDFULNESS For Your Life?

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ITS Certified Life Coach, NLP Master Practitioner & Coach, Sum Sanos™ Independent Coach.

I am passionate about helping people who are dealing with or facing challenging Personal Change, Choices or Transitions. Utilising NLP, Mindfulness and with a focus on Habits & Mindset, I can help you move forward with Clarity, Purpose & Confidence.

As a Sum Sanos™️ Independent Coach, I offer the latest scientifically researched, evidence based Coaching Program for Weight-loss & Well-being. Utilising Habits Based Interventions I can help you successfully achieve your weight and well-being goals.

I truly believe that within you lies the courage, strength & resources for you to "Be The Hero Of Your Own Journey"

Dr. Sean McInnes

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